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Stolen Women Captures Hearts – The Real Story

Almost anyone who has seen this film will agree that is extremely moving! Passionate, exciting, and even heart-breaking at times…
But when people see the titles at the beginning, bearing the words “based on a true story”, they often wonder exactly how much of the film is accurate, and how much of it was changed for the sake of making it a more fairytale-like Hollywood production.
The truth is, while some of it is accurate, much of the story has been changed. To start with, the actual captures were far more terrifying, and brutal. Also, Anna and Sarah’s personalities were actually switched in the movie. Anna was the tough one, who resisted the tribe every step of the way. While Sarah was the younger, more shy and timid girl. And Anna had blonde hair, not red. Furthermore, the two women really did not know each other, until after they were captured, a month apart.
Another interesting detail, is that neither “Tokalah” nor anyone from his tribe, were the ones who kidnapped Anna in the beginning. She did not meet Tokalah, until her initial captors traded her to his tribe later on– who already had Sarah in their possession.
In the section on the upper-right-hand side of the page, you will find tabs to click on, with detailed accounts of both Sarah and Anna’s real stories, as well as some interesting details on how their life was within the tribe. I have also included some writings done by General Custer, describing a rather interesting Native worrier “chief” he met during the negotiations to get the women back, who some suspect may have been “Tokalah”– who in real life, remains unnamed. Please feel free to browse around my blog here, and fill up on the true details of the dramatic, historical story.
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